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You Can Avoid Mold Damage in Nashville if Properly Prepared

9/12/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Advises Nashville Property Owners to Be Aware of Possible Mold Infestations to Limit Needed Remediation

Mold spores are present everywhere, and a spike in moisture and other favorable conditions leads to mold growth. Unfortunately, fungi are not just a problem because infested surfaces are unsightly or that its musty smell is uncomfortable, Nashville properties with visible mold growth might be considered rundown. Some people even associate mold with being dirty. September being the national preparedness month, you should learn a few things about preventing or cleaning visible mold before it gets out of hand.
The risk of mold damage in Nashville increases during periods when other events such as storms and heavy rainfall occur. This spike happens because of the likelihood of breaches that deposit water inside the house as well as the increased relative humidity in the air. Lack of moisture is the most significant hindrance to mold growth. Therefore, humidity-rich air is like a catalyst. In case your property floods, our SERVPRO technicians can help dry it quickly enough before mold develops, typically within 24-72 hours.
Mold and icebergs have one thing in common because, by the time you spot the visual signs, there is a huge underlying problem. One thing that can help establish the presence of mold when it is not yet visible is the musty smell it produce. However, since you live in the house, it may be possible to get used to the smell of the house and miss this vital clue. Proper cleaning procedures are therefore necessary to deal with the entire problem. Our SERVPRO technicians utilize different techniques including establishing containment zones, cleaning the affected areas and drying any moisture depending on the extent of the problem.
Although mold usually grows on surfaces, its effects can go deeper if you take long before starting the remediation process. Mold and other forms of fungi cause decomposition of organic matter. At this stage, the remediation process ceases to be a simple cleanup exercise because we have to remove the affected materials, which increases the costs involved.
Call SERVPRO of South Nashville at (615) 331-0200 if you suspect a mold problem in your property. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Preventing Reoccurring Mold Damage In Your Nashville Residence

8/8/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides Solutions to Keep Mold from Revisiting Your Home

The discovery of mold in your home can be a traumatic ordeal. Even after professional remediation has ended, a homeowner is often left curious about the ways to prevent this situation from happening again. With the risks of health effects and structural damage associated with mold growth and colonization, it stands to reason that prevention of this microbial presence is in your best interest.  
Several routes can get taken to prevent mold growth from occurring in your Nashville home again once the initial threat has gotten removed. Our SERVPRO remediation technicians seek to locate the source of the moisture in the affected area of your residence to isolate this occurrence and possibly repair the damage that allowed it to happen. In some cases, though, prevention of this moisture is ultimately impossible. In these circumstances, there are some solutions to keep your house and family safe from reoccurring mold.  
One of the first things that our SERVPRO technicians might suggest, especially if the moisture originates from underneath your home, is crawlspace encapsulation. This undertaking takes all of the surfaces of your crawlspace beneath your home and covers it with thick plastic. Antimicrobial solution is sprayed on the structural components underneath your home before it is covered to further protect these materials from mold spores in the environment. The non-permeable 12-mil poly acts as a moisture barrier to groundwater in the soil.

Stationary equipment might also be another suggestion to combat the moisture present in critical areas of your property. For example, the installation of a high-strength dehumidifier can work to combat the moisture present in the atmosphere and keep it from getting to the tipping point which allows mold spores to seat and thrive. Likewise, sump pumps can get installed in areas to divert water away from your house and prevent pooling and prolonged dampness. This system works well in crawlspace environments.
While the initial discovery and remediation process for mold in your house might have been traumatic enough, homeowners strive never to have to deal with that same ordeal a second time. There are ways to avoid mold growth, and our SERVPRO of South Nashville technicians can help you to strive towards this goal. Give us a call anytime for assessments and mold inhibiting plans specific to your home at (615) 331-0200.

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The Risks Of Mold Growth In Your Nashville Residence

7/19/2018 (Permalink)

The Risks Of Mold Growth

Mold is a serious concern for your Nashville home. While you might have seen this occur in your home throughout your life growing up, namely in the dark and moisture ridden basement, mold is better understood today. With potential health effects linked to exposure, removing active colonies growing in your residence should be a priority upon discovery.

However, there are reasons why you should resolve to remove mold damage in your Nashville home quickly. The better that you can appreciate the harmful effects that this fungal colony has on the contents and the structural integrity of your home, the more prepared you are to combat it on sight.

Fortunately, this microbial growth is not one that you have to face alone. Our remediators at SERVPRO have the unique training to prepare them for all varieties of mold growth and the best approaches to remove the colonies. This experience and expertise prove invaluable in fully removing mold and its damages from your residence.

One of the initial things that you must realize is the simplicity with which mold can grow. The only necessary ingredients to this hazardous presence are moisture and warmth. Spores naturally exist in the environment inside of your home on a microscopic level but only have the opportunity to seat once the other conditions get met in the affected area.

This mold growth can occur in as little as 72 hours once the conditions get met. The colonization occurs on organic materials within this area such as drywall, flooring, the contents of the room, or other construction materials. Within a brief period, the thriving colony can degrade the material and weaken it to the point of ineffectiveness.

Once you can appreciate both the potential health effects and the structural concerns of mold growth in your home, you can appreciate the importance of resolving the issue quickly. Our SERVPRO of South Nashville applied microbial remediation technicians can arrive quickly and remove this hazardous presence effectively. You can reach our team at SERVPRO 24/7 at (615) 331-0200.

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Dealing With The Pressing Issues of Mold Growth In Your Nashville Residence

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Explain the Benefits of Professional Mold Remediation for Your Home, and then Do It.

Homeowners experience mixed emotions when they discover mold growing in their Nashville houses. While on the one hand, some homeowners believe that this fungal growth is not a threat to them or their families, others understand the potential risks and want the growth dealt with appropriately as soon as possible. That is where professional mold remediation comes into play.
You might not think of mold damage in your Nashville home as being that considerable of an issue, and certainly nothing that some bleach and elbow grease cannot resolve, but you are wrong. Often fungal and microbial growth in your home deeply imbeds in the organic material and can prove impossible to reach with conventional cleaning methods. At best, your efforts could clean the surface mold away, but not the entire organism or colony. The fact is that the water in bleach may actually promote the continued growth of colonies.
Our SERVPRO certified applied microbial remediation technicians get specially trained to deal with all varieties of mold and fungal growth. The training encourages the most effective remediation techniques, making our team a wise choice to make short work of your issue.
After a thorough inspection, our SERVPRO professionals set up a perimeter around the affected area using negative air chambers and air scrubbers to trap airborne mold spores. These devices may be fitted with both HEPA filters for entrapmant and activated carbon filters for odor control. Drying the area and restoring the damage that allowed for the moisture are critical components of the remediation process as well.
Sanding and soda blasting are two approaches that commonly get used to remove mold colonies below the surface that you can see. Another penetrative approach is spraying an antimicrobial solution on the surfaces to allow this chemical to affect the entire hyphae.
Deodorization is one of the final steps of our remediation process, and it may involve the use of thermal foggers. These machines release an unscented chemical compound which breaks apart the musty odor molecules found in the vicinity of mold colonies. Once these molecules have gotten neutralized, no odor is left behind.
Now that you have a broader understanding of the complexities of mold remediation, you might also be able to trust that you need professional assistance. You can always count on our SERVPRO of South Nashville AMRT crew to respond rapidly and get to work on removing this threat from your property. Give us a call today at (615) 331-0200.

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Eliminating Mold Damage in South Nashville Homes

5/1/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is Here to Help Remediate Mold Damage in Your Home

Many South Nashville residents somehow think mold is their fault, either through neglect or poor housekeeping. The reality is that mold spores are present in every home, regardless of how much bleach the owner uses. These spores are also no more harmful than common house dust until the right circumstances and requirements are met.

Mold damage to South Nashville homes can only happen when there is enough moisture present in the right temperature range to activate these tiny spores which begin feeding on a nearby food source. Stopping further growth requires understanding how mold grows and finding the best way to interrupt it and prevent growth in the future immediately. At SERVPRO, our response teams train to do just that.

Inert and active mold spores cluster together. Each spore is smaller than the width of a human hair, and a cluster of thousands is still so small it can fit on the head of a thumbtack. They remain this small, and inert until they absorb enough moisture from a small pool of rainwater or an even smaller plumbing leak. With only a tiny amount of water, the spores extend hyphae which grow over and into food sources like drywall, wood framing, and even roof tiles.

That is why our teams ask two questions of every homeowner: Where is the mold and Have you had a leak of any type recently? The answers tell our technicians where to look for mold and the source of the moisture that triggered the spores to begin growing.

It applies to storm flooding, recent fires, and broken plumbing. In each instance, an unusual amount of water, large or small, has entered the home. SERVPRO knows the type is important because flooding and the fire department can soak carpets and floors while broken plumbing might be a split pipe or water hose in the garage or laundry room.

Flood water can also drain through the floor, or down the stairs, into the basement. Since this part of the home is not usually part of daily life, mold can grow here longer than in a bathroom or elsewhere before someone notices it. Our teams need to eliminate this, and every source of moisture, regardless of where it might be. If they do not, then the owner soon has a recurring problem.

If you are dealing with water now, or a mold problem caused by the previous flooding, call SERVPRO of South Nashville at (615) 331-0200 today. We are here to help you and your home.

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Regain Control of Mold Damage in Your Nashville Area Home

2/17/2018 (Permalink)

Tips on Preventing Mold Damage in Your Home’s Storage Spaces

As you may already know, mold can grow anywhere in your Nashville area home. All it takes is moisture to provide mold with the last ingredient it needs to begin a growth cycle. Believe it or not, a common place for mold growth is your closets.

It only takes a little moisture for mold damage to occur on your Nashville property. You may place damp clothing, jackets, shoes, or additional items into your closet thinking they might dry, when in fact, these articles can accelerate mold growth.

Sometimes it all comes down to habits, which SERVPRO can help you change. Keeping mold in mind when storing items in your closet can help eliminate conditions mold needs to thrive. Try to only store clean, dry clothing and never pile clothing and other items on the closet floor. 

Avoid packing clothes or boxes too tightly; your closet needs air circulation to reduce moisture. If you have containers, like plastic tubs, make sure you line them with cotton sheeting to eliminate condensation. Keep items off of the floor as much as possible to prevent trapping moisture, use plastic-coated wire shelves instead of solid wood shelves. 

You can also place low-wattage bulbs in your closet, the heat from the bulb helps keep the closet and stored clothing dry, especially in rooms with high humidity, like the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. Replace solid closet doors with louvered doors, or leave your closet doors partially open whenever possible to eliminate moisture problems that often occur.

If you have any size mold problem in your home, SERVPRO’s IICRC technicians can provide you with quality mold remediation services that help regain control of your living environment. We can locate existing problems, remove excess moisture, eliminate odors and perform a variety of cleaning services that help return your home to a quality condition that you and your family can enjoy.

SERVPRO of South Nashville has expertly trained mold remediation technicians available 24/7, who remain dedicated to helping you limit any losses you might experience and address a variety of environmental problems that often occur in your home, call today. (615) 331-0200

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Mold Damage Repair On Concrete In Nashville Homes

11/7/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Damage Repair

Concrete surfaces are usually not associated with mold growth. However, under the right conditions, extensive mold growth can occur. Any type of mold in Nashville can lead to serious health risks for you and your family. Anytime you spot mold and mildew growth on the surface of your concrete walls or floors, be sure to act quickly and contact a mold remediation service.

If you suspect the presence of mold damage in your Nashville home, SERVPRO is there to help. We have a team of highly trained, IICRC-certified technicians who are ready to respond quickly to your emergency. Our stock of resources is highly efficient at mold remediation, ensuring that your home is back to normal as quick as possible, "Like it never even happened."

Mold requires a food source and sufficient moisture to flourish. On its own, concrete is not enough to support fungal growth. Unfortunately, dust tends to accumulate quickly on the surface, like with almost any other part of a building. This layer of dust accommodates large quantities of food sources, which can lead to mold growth unless the concrete is kept thoroughly clean.

Of course, mold still requires sufficient moisture to thrive, in addition to the available food sources in the dust. In most cases, SERVPRO technicians emphasis controlling the moisture over controlling the dust. This involves handling both liquid moisture (vapor drive, flooding) and airborne moisture (lowering humidity levels).

Molds produce an acid that can degrade concrete, thereby compromising its integrity through mold damage. When the concrete alone does not provide enough nourishment, the mold can feed on algae, salts, bacteria, moisture, dirt, pollen, dust, and other particles trapped within. As mold eats away concrete, it makes it more porous, facilitating further bacterial, moisture, and particulate intrusion. This intrusion happens even in the absence of visible cracks in the concrete.

In some cases, SERVPRO professionals rely on natural ventilation to dry wet materials naturally during good weather. Since the weather is unpredictable and building materials should not remain wet for more than a day, you can reduce the risk of mold damage with protective barriers, temporary humidity control solutions, and water-resistant materials. Additionally, watch out for how workers install various elements in a building. For install, drywall should never be installed near wet concrete.

If you have a mold damage problem in your home, you can count on SERVPRO of South Nashville to remedy the situation. Our services are available 24/7. Call us today at (615) 331-0200.

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Why You Should Get Rid of Mold in Your Nashville Home Immediately

10/16/2017 (Permalink)

Potential Hazards and Remedies for Mold in your Nashville Area Home                   

Understanding that mold can negativally impact a family can help encourage homeowners in Nashville to take action sooner. However, homeowners are often unaware that they have a mold problem, or if they are, they may be unsure of how to handle it properly. Mold can grow in just about any area where moisture is present for an extended period. However, because mold can spread quickly and with few signs, it is critical to address it as soon as possible.

Where to Look for Mold in Your Home

Mold can grow both within and on the outside of your Nashville house. In all situations, it requires attention. Mold can infest your home by means of microscopic spores traveling through open windows and doors and in through heating and cooling ventilation systems. Spores can also attach to clothing and pets. Once they infiltrate the home, they can proliferate quickly in the presence of moisture and a food source. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and basements are areas where moisture accumulation is common and tend to be hot spots for mold development.  Other common causes are:

    Leaking pipes
    Wet basements due to foundation concerns and insufficient  ventilation
    Leaking roofs
    Poorly sealed windows

Mold tends to grow on porous surfaces including drywall, wood, ceiling tiles and cardboard.  It can be hidden, such as behind your wood paneling, under carpeting, and behind drywall. When water leaks are spotted, no matter where they are in a house, it is important to remedy them as quickly as possible, as the water can lead to structural damage in the home, and the moisture can promote mold growth alongside it. In short, it is not always possible to readily discover mold activity.

Methods of Reducing Mold in Homes

Mold proliferates and spreads rapidly. As a result of this, a prompt response for mold remediation in the home is essential. Homeowners can do this in a number of ways.

Reduce the Presence of Moisture

At the forefront is controlling moisture in the home. Reduce water vapor levels in a home by keeping the air conditioner on when the humidity in the air is high. Try to maintain a relative humidity level of below 60%, preferably between 30-50 percent. Fix all leaks in roofs and windows. Vent showers, laundry rooms, and cooking areas to allow for proper drying. If flooding occurs, properly clean and dry out surfaces.

Kill Mold that is Present

There are some methods of removing small amounts of mold from a home, but it is advisable to turn to a professional company like SERVPRO of South Nashville to handle mold removal. The Environmental Protection Agency offers some guidance on the steps that need to be taken to attempt to rid a structure of mold making it safe again. Contact SERVPRO, who has many years of experience cleaning, removing mold, and disinfecting the treated areas.

Noticing Its Presence

A musty odor is often the first indication that mold is present for most people. Areas of discoloration on surfaces may also be an indication of mold. Mold can range in color and growth patterns. If mold seems to be present, it is crucial NOT to vent the area within the affected areas internally since it may spread mold and spores to uncontaminated rooms. For odor relief only vent the ambient air to the exterior. Please contact a professional for proper remediation solutions, and to ensure that the area is properly remediated.

Following this advice can help minimize the impact on the family living in the home. It also helps to keep the structure of the home safe from the damaging impact mold causes. For assistance contact SERVPRO of South Nashville 24/7 at (615) 331-0200 for mold remediation.

Developing Mold Damage In Your Nashville Area Home

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Developing Mold In Your Home

While developing, mold forms multicellular filaments called hyphae and adopts single-celled growth habits called yeasts. A large taxonomically diverse number of fungal species exist that can grow on the inside of your Nashville area home.

As the tubular branching mycelium threads over a contact surface, fluffy white threads begin to cover various surfaces found on your Nashville property. Mold damage occurs as these microbes systematically produce new colonies, becoming more and more visible to the human eye during the late stages of its life-cycle. Mold causes various stages of biodegradation to natural materials used to construct your home. Often leaving you and your family exposed to pathogenic molds that produce inhalable toxic compounds. There are thousands upon thousands of known mold species, making discovering the type of mold existing in your home useless.

The kind of mold that exists makes no difference whatsoever in how SERVPRO approaches treating the growth found in your home. Our technicians use a variety of strategies based on the extent of exposure that exists, using containment and control methods to stop the spread in its tracks, preventing further growth. Although mold plays a major role in our planet's ecosystem, having it in your home can produce unhealthy results. Therefore, at the first signs of mold growth in your home, it is important to contact a licensed, qualified professional, like those offered at SERVPRO, for help.

Attempting to mitigate or remove mold alone can result in additional growth or additional exposure that you want to avoid. SERVPRO can help you regain control over your home’s indoor environment, and drastically improve the quality of the air that you breathe. Remember, the longer you take to act the longer mold has to develop. Given enough time, many species of mold adjust to various living conditions, surviving in harsh conditions including extreme cold, highly acidic solvents, anti-bacterial, or even within petroleum products.

Obtain professionally certified mold remediation services by calling SERVPRO of South Nashville, today. We are here to help members of our community when you need us the most (615) 331-0200.

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Combat Mold Damage In Your Nashville Area Home

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

When Mold Strikes, SERVPRO Strikes Back

The existence of mold on your property presents you with a serious problem that you should attend to as quickly as possible. Hesitating allows mold to penetrate further, causing additional damage and possible health issues.

Yes, you can attempt to clean mold and mildew from your Nashville home. However, mold damage exceeding 10 square inches in size presents a bigger threat than most homeowners can handle. Making professional mold damage remediation services your best option.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to stop the spread of mold found in your home. Mold presents as ugly water stains, releases microscopic spores into your living environment, and often coincides with nasty smells that make it embarrassing to have friends or family over to visit.

While it is entirely possible for you to contain smaller problems yourself, they may be the first sign of a larger problem, lingering within your walls, crawlspaces, or attic. Without knowing what to look for, or the proper equipment to handle the situation correctly, you may cause additional damage or spread mold growth even further.

A company, like SERVPRO, provides you with expertly trained mold remediation specialists who track the progress of mold found on your property. With access to infrared moisture detectors, water extractors, air movers, negative-airflow machines, and years of experience, we can easily control mold growth and help you prevent future growth.

SERVPRO technicians take the time to answer any questions you may have and only suggest services you need to get things under control in a quick and an efficient manner. We work with your insurance company to provide you with a stress-free claims process and ensure that you receive the results you deserve.

SERVPRO responds to calls about mold growth nearly every day. With expert training, years of experience, and the proper equipment at our disposal, we can contain the source of the problem, remove saturated materials, and get growth under control fast.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Make the call to SERVPRO of South Nashville to begin your home’s recovery today. (615) 331-0200

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Mold Tends To Favor Hard-To-Reach Places

5/11/2017 (Permalink)

Mold In Hard-To-Reach Places

Mold gets behind walls, under crawl spaces, into tiny cracks and corners, and other unreachable places in a home with relative ease. This is what has allowed mold to survive for so long throughout the planet's history: it seeks out places where little else can grow, takes root there, and spreads out as far as it can go. While this is perfect for the mold, it is bad for your home, as mold eats away at building materials and can even cause health effects for residents. SERVPRO technicians take care to check each of these key out-of-sight areas in most mold remediations, to find out if a colony has taken root without the homeowner noticing.

Under Carpets
Carpeting is one of the most at-risk materials in a Nashville home to mold damage. There are a few fundamental reasons as to why carpeting fosters mold growth. Firstly, carpets are absorbent and can store small amounts of any water spilled over them for extended periods of time, giving the mold a suitable and lasting source of moisture to survive on. Secondly, the fibers and weaving of most types of carpeting create the perfect harbor for growing mold spores. We always use thermal, chemical, and sometimes physical checks to determine if mold has worked its way under any carpeting.

Behind Walls
Most of the biggest mold colonies SERVPRO technicians tackle are located behind walls or underneath floors. These areas are static and dark, giving mold the perfect place to grow if any moisture finds its way into the vicinity. Our advanced detection equipment allows us to find mold where you'd otherwise never notice it.

In Cracks And Corners
Mold does not require much space to start growing, making it a tough opponent in constricted spaces like wall cracks and deep corners. We stock an extensive supply of specially-designed tools and materials to root out these almost unreachable colonies, so don't worry if you find the mold in a seemingly impossible place.

SERVPRO of South Nashville is a locally-owned franchise with national resources that helps homeowners to overcome mold, water, and fire damage at as little cost and strain as possible. Give us a call at (615) 331-0200.

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House Sale Halted By Hidden Mold

4/18/2017 (Permalink)

Found Hidden Mold in Your Home? SERVPRO Can Help! 

Selling your home is a stressful time, made more so if an inspection uncovers mold you never even knew was a problem. Home inspectors look for hidden issues that have the capability of damaging structures or diminishing air quality. Knowledge of previously concealed mold damage requires a reaction, and SERVPRO is your local first responder.

Finding mold damage during an inspection of your Nashville home is a significant event, possibly delaying or deterring the sale. Although inspections are not required, many buyers rely upon an independent evaluation before making an offer or closing the deal. When you receive the news that mold growth exists in the house you have on the market you ask your realtor or friends to point you toward a “mold remediation company near me.”

The answer is SERVPRO. We have on staff mold remediation specialists who took advanced courses in EPA approved methods to manage mold. Our staff educates you on the typical life cycle of the more than 100,000 types of mold found in residences. Mold spores are always present, inside and outside, usually causing no harm. Water is the animator of mold spores, hydration starting their growth and almost any surface in your house providing a place to proliferate.

Using our remediation services gives you and your potential buyer peace of mind concerning mold abatement. Insurance companies and realtors know we are an industry leader in restoration services. We possess solid, research-based knowledge about mold growth and a proven methodology to remove evident outbreaks and limit future mold infestations. Containment, to avoid spreading the mold, removal, and disposal is the first three steps we take.

The ticket to a successful mold remediation is to locate and eliminate the source of moisture that feeds the fungus. Your buyer does not want to repeat the remediation process time and time again. Since the mold spores always remain, water needs to be taken out of the equation. No other company is more adept at the detection required to locate and shut down the leaks, seeping, or elevated humidity that provides mold nourishment than SERVPRO.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Your home sells without a glitch when SERVPRO of South Nashville is your mold remediation team. A call to our dispatchers at (615) 331-0200 delivers assurance that abatement of fungal activity is on the way.

Quarantine Methods Used by SERVPRO

3/7/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Quarantine Methods Used When Dealing with Mold Damage 

Depending on the extent and severity of your mold damage, SERVPRO may deem it necessary to put in containment and quarantine measures in parts of your home. These can range in size from a few feet to entire sections of the home but are always designed to contain mold to its current extent and prevent further contamination throughout the home. If the mold is limited, you may not need to worry about containment at all. However, if our inspector does deem the situation worthy of quarantine measures, these are some of the preventative steps you can expect us to take.

Sealed HVAC Systems

One of the most often implemented containment measures is the sealing off vents and air ducts throughout the building. Mold damage in Nashville homes can spread quickly through heating and air conditioning lines, especially if the source colony is located near a vent. Sealing off HVAC systems may make temperatures a bit uncomfortable in the home, but it is worth it if the mold can be successfully contained.

Plastic Sheeting

We may put up plastic sheets and barriers across moldy surfaces to keep its spores from becoming too much of a problem. These air-tight barriers are effective at both denying the mold moisture and preventing its spores from reaching other parts of the home, and so are used widely and in both small and large mold remediation projects.

Establishing Clean Rooms and Decontamination Rooms

In some cases, we may need to erect or adapt small areas within the home for decontamination and cleaning of supplies and clothing. Whenever someone - be it SERVPRO staff or the homeowner - leaves or enters the moldy area, they have to go through this special area and make sure that no mold spores can leave the quarantined zone. This stops mold spores from hitching a ride on you and your belongings as you move between rooms.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of South Nashville provides thorough and well-planned mold remediation for homes suffering in its grasp. Call us at the first sign of mold 24/7 at (615) 331-0200.

Can Mold Damage in Nashville Attics Be Treated?

12/18/2016 (Permalink)

Can Nashville Attics with Mold Infestation be Remediated?

If you have identified black mold in your attic, you’re bound to be wondering what your options are. Some companies will tell you that the only way to fix the problem is to replace a large portion of the roof. Others will tell you that the whole roof is unusable.

The reality is that, without a full and professional inspection, there is no way to tell for sure. SERVPRO has repaired and restored some of the most severe cases of mold damage in Nashville homes. In our opinion, the damage has to be very extreme for a roof replacement to be the only viable response.

You are strongly advised to hire a remediation specialist first so that you can avoid the huge expense of a whole new roof.

Treating the Source of the Problem

The thing that you must remember about mold is that you can’t simply clean it away. The spores must be neutralized or the problem will come back. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a new roof or not; if the spores are still active, the mold will reappear. SERVPRO uses high strength drying machines to fix the source of the damp before carrying out cleaning and neutralization procedures.

Containing the Spread of Spores

When you see mold growing on wood or other surfaces, you’re not really seeing the heart of the problem. It is the spores which spread the mold to other parts of the house. They move on draughts within the air and on clothes and other items if disturbed. This is why SERVPRO always sets up a containment area when dealing with mold damage. We use polyurethane sheets and air moving devices to prevent the spores from leaving the attic.

Neutralizing the Threat

After an inspection has been carried out, we’ll be able to tell you exactly how severe the mold damage is and how much of the attic can be saved. Usually, this is all or most of the roofing materials. Only in cases where the wood is extremely rotten will we advise you to think about a replacement. The likelihood is that we’ll be able to apply oxidizing chemicals which react with the mold and render it inert.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

At SERVPRO of South Nashville, we are committed to delivering the most cost effective repairs and mold damage solutions. We don’t want you to splash out on costly renovations if a remediation process is the better option. Call us 24/7 on (615) 332-0200 to arrange an inspection and get some answers.

Mold Damage Remediation In Nashville

11/7/2016 (Permalink)

Rely on SERVPRO to Resolve Mold Infestations in Your Home or Office

Since microscopic mold spores already exist almost everywhere, regardless of whether you are inside or outside, mold infestation can be rather tricky and may quickly get out of hand. If you think that your property has a mold problem, you should take the time to call in our professional technicians to inspect your home or commercial property immediately. We can assist in preventing the infestation from spreading throughout your property.

There is no way for anyone to offer a 100% solution for removing mold. But our offices in Nashville provide mold damage remediation and restoration services that our expertly trained technicians apply with specialized equipment designed to get your mold infestation under control.
At SERVPRO we understand that mold spores enter your property every day. They are microscopic spores that float through the air and come in through open windows, doors or ventilation systems. They can even cling to your clothing or a household pet gaining access that way. It happens, and there is no way actually to prevent it.
Knowing that these spores thrive in moisture filled atmospheres, all sources of water and moisture that may feed a mold colony need to be eliminated. This limiting condition for growth reduces the chances of mold returning immediately before our SERVPRO technicians can begin our remediation services.
One of the most common signs of mold infestation is a strong, musty odor that thrives in indoor, high-humidity areas. Keeping your indoor humidity below 45% can assist in preventing mold infestations from ever happening.
If you see any mold damage or suspect an infestation on your property, start by calling the SERVPRO emergency contact number to begin the process. We'll provide you with a mold damage assessment, start mold containment, air filtration, remove any mold-infested materials and clean your contents and belongings throughout the restoration process.
There is absolutely no reason for you to have to deal with this situation alone. Our professional staff will help you understand what is happening and help educate you on the facts concerning a mold infestation on your property.
Our locally owned and operated franchise at SERVPRO of South Nashville is proud to be a contributing community member and looks forward to providing you with mold remediation services. Call us today - (615) 331-0200

Remediate Even Hidden Mold Damage

9/22/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Can Be Tricky, Call SERVPRO

Wherever excess moisture lurks a mold outbreak is possible although the damage is not always easily visible. Something as simple as a slow drip from an aging spray attachment on the kitchen sink or a crack in the caulk in a shower can result in the interior of a wall or rarely opened cabinet becoming damp enough to harbor mold. SERVPRO trains its employees to be mold detectives, wise in the ways mold grows and spreads even if you are unaware areas of your home are hosting one or more strains of destructive fungi. If you notice a musty or unpleasant smell that does not seem connected to things such as spills, garbage, pets or dirty laundry we can inspect to see if the problem is a colony of mold.
Nashville mold damage is best handled by specialized technicians who have completed comprehensive schooling in the processes necessary to remediate an outbreak without a further spread or unwanted health effects. Mold spores are found everywhere indoors and out but take hold only when conditions offer enough water to feed their growth. Our technicians will find not only the mold itself but also the source of moisture that contributes to its rapid multiplication. Common places mold can hide include under woodwork or wallpaper, beneath counters and in cabinets or vanities, around window air conditioners or central air conditioning vents or behind curtains or other window coverings. Anywhere condensation or minor leaks occur can encourage mold without the red flag of obvious water damage, and our experts will find the source.
SERVPRO will manage your mold problem first by isolating and eliminating the water. Then the mold will be contained by Applied Microbial Remediation technicians trained through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). State of the art air filtration techniques will protect your home and family from the fungi, and any affected materials are removed. Personal property and home furnishings will be cleaned properly if possible or discarded should it be necessary, and the water damage will also be restored, including the use of Applied Structural Drying techniques if indicated.
Approach mold remediation the smart way with a call to SERVPRO of South Nashville at 615-331-0200. Speedy resolution of a moisture and mold problem is available quickly and with a complete understanding of the challenges of keeping an infestation under control. Team up with us to make the frustration of musty smells and ugly strains "Like it never even happened.”

Mold Damage Brentwood - Dealing with Brentwood Mold Damage

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Handling Mold Damage in Brentwood 

If you believe that you have Brentwood mold damage in your home, you may be wondering what you need to do to remove it and prevent it from growing back. Removing this substance is easier said than done, but it should be treated quickly because mold can cause health effects and damage the building's structure.

The Damage That Mold Can Cause

Different types of mold can thrive in the indoor environment inside your home, and they can grow in as little as 48 hours after exposure to moisture in areas that are both dark and damp. This may be in a bathroom, underneath a sink or even inside the walls of your home if you have a plumbing leak. All mold damage in Brentwood should be dealt with quickly because of the destruction that it can cause, such as staining and deterioration of the surfaces that it lives on. Also, some types of mold can cause negative health effects. 

A Contained Approach

One of the most important steps to take when removing Brentwood mold from a home is to contain the area. Mold spores may thrive on surfaces like drywall, carpeting and more, but they also can become airborne when they are dislodged. This means that they can spread to other areas of the room or even enter other areas of the home. In some cases, they have entered the HVAC air ducts and have circulated throughout the entire home. If this happens, a localized area of mold growth may turn into a far more widespread and destructive issue to contend with. Containing the mold growth area during the removal and remediation process is necessary, and expert techniques may be required for the best possible results. 

Fast Service Is Required 

The longer the mold is in the home, the greater the likelihood is that it will spread to other areas and cause bigger problems that are expensive to fix. Furthermore, even an area with localized contamination may result in negative health effects to you or your family or may cause property damage through staining and deterioration. A fast response is needed to remedy the situation as soon as you discover mold growing in your home. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If you need treatment for mold damage in your Brentwood home, look no further than SERVPRO of South Nashville. We provide effective solutions for mold damage, and we can respond to your request for service promptly because we are locally owned and operated. We want to help you overcome your current challenges and restore your property to a livable condition, so call us today at (615) 331-0200.

How Mold Affects Homeowners in Berry Hill

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Your Berry Hill Home's Mold Remediation Service Provided by SERVPRO Solves the Problem

One of the most debilitating and toxic household occurrences that residential property owners in Berry Hill can encounter is a mold infestation. In addition to negatively impacting your health, mold can do damage to structural areas of your home. Learning more about the nature of mold and how to secure high quality mold remediation services can help you prevent headaches (literally), expedite the remediation process for returning your home to a safe state, and save money. With this idea in mind, SERVPRO offers the following review:

Mold Basics. Molds are fungi that thrive in the environment. However, mold can also start to live and grow in residential properties if the conditions are right. The ideal setting for mold is one that is moist and wet. For this reason, mold growth and water damage go hand in hand. Molds release spores that circulate in the air and then settle in cracks and surfaces, the potential food source, while they are dry. Once enough moisture is present, the spores grow string-like colonies that expand into mold patches. The fungi then reproduce and can proliferate throughout your property.

Here is how the mold growth process typically unfolds:

• Mold starts to grow within 48-72 hours of exposure to sufficient moisture. Dark and damp places of growth increase the difficulty of discovering an infestation.
• Once mold grows, its reproductive spores are released into the air, thereby spreading the infestation. HVAC ductwork and air/handlers are major vehicles for the widening of mold spores locations. These active spores can cause a wide range of unwanted health problems, some of which include eye irritation, rashes, asthma, headaches, nausea, and chronic fatigue.
• The mold releases an organic compound--mycotoxins--which may be poisonous to people, animals, and crops. Often, the initial awareness of a mold infestation is the strong, musty odor within the home. This smell penetrates the property and remains present as long as the mold continues to grow and thrive.
• Initially, mold is a surface phenomenon. With time, however, the fungus starts to penetrate building materials like drywall and wood.

Finding The Right Mold Remediation Company. In recognizing all of the negative effects that a mold infestation can have on your property, what is the next step? The answer is simple: find the right mold remediation company to quickly and safely exterminate the unwanted fungus. SERVPRO's crews are IICRC-certified technicians, have extensive industry experience, and offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that your mold issue can be addressed and resolved promptly. Many specialized pieces of equipment are necessary for safe removal. Cleaning tools, special cleaning agents, and chemicals broadcast through foggers, reach voids and unreachable areas of your Berry Hill home to ensure eradication. Air scrubbers return the interior air quality of your property to safe and healthy levels. 

Call SERVPRO For Effective Mold Remediation Services. The awareness of mold proliferation within your Berry Hill home can lead to unhealthy symptoms for household members, and damage to personal belongings and building components. Delaying mold remediation increases property damage resulting in higher expenses. Call SERVPRO, for a mold inspection, and a mold remediation service if needed.

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We are proud to be an active member of Berry Hill. SERVPRO of South Nashville is locally owned and operated, so we’re already nearby and ready to help with any size mold contamination. Call us 24/7 for help. (615) 331-0200 

Forest Hills Mold Removal FAQ

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Mold Removal FAQ

It is well known that Forest Hills mold and the process of mold removal can be dangerous. However, not many people are knowledgeable about the issue. People often say that mold is deadly, but this is not coming from a place of knowledge. The truth is that if you have mold in your home, it will be necessary to have a mold removal consultation. Forest Hills mold does not spontaneously develop; it is caused by other problems in homes, such as high humidity levels or excess water.

Additionally, only a physician has the qualifications to determine if someone's health is at risk. People have different tolerance levels, though certain people are at higher risk. The following are a few FAQs with potentially helpful answers.

Is it Necessary to Test My Home for Mold?
You can determine your need for Forest Hills mold removal using different factors, such as visible mold, musty odors, and health issues with inexplicable symptoms. If any of these are observed, a Certified Indoor Environmentalist or Industrial Hygienist should be contacted for testing. You can visit or use the search engine of your choice to find a local Indoor Air Quality expert.

Is it smart to have one company handle everything (mold testing and mold removal)?
This may be convenient, but it is not advisable. In order to ensure the greatest chances of the work being done correctly, a system of checks and balances should be in place. Usually, it is the best idea to hire an Indoor Environmental Professional for mold testing and a separate contractor for Forest Hills mold removal. They should not be associated with one another, so that the homeowner can be confident that the work was performed well, and the home is in a healthy condition.

Is there a spray that I can use to kill mold myself?
As earlier stated, there are particular conditions that foster mold growth; if these are not remediated, mold will keep growing or reappear. There are topical sprays that are capable of helping to eradicate mold, but an untrained individual should not use them without the appropriate training and equipment. Some contractors will use spray; as long as they have the training to know that it will be effective and permanent, this should work. However, spray can leave stains that will be indicative of a past mold problem, which could make it difficult to sell the home if you plan to do so.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of South Nashville is close by and ready to help with your mold-damaged property.

If a catastrophic storm or event occurs, we can call upon the resources of a national network of over 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to large scale disasters.

We are proud to serve our local communities:

When your commercial property or home has mold damage from leaks or flooding, we have the experience and expertise to help. Give us a call. (615) 331-0200

Madison Mold Damage Distributed With Your HVAC

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HVAC Systems and Mold in Madison - HVAC   

Mold often forms within the HVAC system of an institution or commercial property via its piping and drain pan. These are two perfect breeding and transport vehicles for mold spores. It is important that maintenance personnel understand the effects of an improperly maintained HVAC system on the spread of mold. With that understanding, they can develop a workable strategy to prevent those mold damage from occurring

Understanding the Problem
In an indoor environment, mold damage Madison is recognized as a problem when it is visible -- as in when it is contrasted against outside air, It is usually found when the right combination of moisture along with a food source, air and temperature are present.The most common food sources are carpeting, cardboard, drywall paper and other similar household items.

Proper Procedures
One of the most efficient ways to eliminate the moisture is to control the relative humidity, which is one of the most important elements in mold formation. This is where an informed manager plays a key role.

Some managers believe they can kill the spores by cleaning with bleach, biocides and other cleaners. While it may appear to be effective, those methods merely kill some or disguise the mold but leave deposits of non viable spores in the HVAC system where they will continue to grow and spread and cause a range of respiratory ills. Because of these shortcomings, managers must be proactive in their HVAC management plans, which in most cases requires the assistance of professionals.

A Lack of Guidance
In the absence of Federal regulations, several state agencies, associations and groups have published recommendations to remediate mold indoors. Many of those recommendations and documents address the Nashville mold damage problem and provide the proper guidelines for the design, installation and maintenance of a facility’s HVAC system in indoor mold and air quality.

Moving Forward With Regulatory Legislation on the Federal Level to alleviate mold damage HVAC Systems and Mold

It would be to everyone’s advantage if there were a comprehensive remediation plan in effect, But, as things currently stands the government has left us with a little official aid. Some states have taken responsibility and have put regulations in place to license moderate remediators, but regulation from the federal government is essential.

Lack of Guidance
In the absence of Federal regulations, several state agencies, associations and groups have published recommendations to remediate mold damage indoors. Several documents address mold and provide the proper guidelines for the design, installation and maintenance of a facility’s HVAC system in controlling indoor mold damage and improving the health of individuals who are exposed to harmful mold spores resulting from poor equipment maintenance

Moving Forward
Because HVAC systems have a significant impact on condensation, it is imperative that new regulations be created to insure consistency of standards within the HVAC industry. The key elements of regulations should include the control of HVAC condensation in and between building and the development of a comprehensive maintenance programs for pipes and drain pans.

All HVAC managers and technicians should be required to operate under these new regulations so as to insure public health and the safety of the work environment. should be a priority.   

SERVPRO of Nashville is a 24/7 emergency water removal & flood clean up repair service company, Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with every water damage situation from mold removal, mold growth repair Nashville. If you would like to schedule service for your home or business, please call today! Mold Remediation

In some situations an indoor air quality professional will be required to create a restoration plan for your home. SERVPRO is experienced at carrying out the assigned mold remediation plan and working to make it "Like it Never Even Happened."